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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

"Big Guns & Baby Boomers" - DM Does....The Music News


On this momentous day in Disco Matt land which has signalled the launch of our new look website, it seemed highly appropriate to also get back into music mode by issuing our latest in the developing series of newsletters, designed to bring you bang up to date with the compilation & track releases from a host of your favourite D.J.’s, as well as news on their forthcoming gigs & events. However, in this issue, we mix up the format slightly, including some upcoming shining stars in amongst the well established names, hence the title, “Big Guns & Baby Boomers” plus, we will be using the opportunity to link in with a handful of tunes that are doing it for us right now.

So, let’s crack on and our first “Big Gun” mention goes to Steve Pitron, who has once again pulled an incredible compilation out of the bag, this one devoted to WE Party, which launched to amazing accolade in London just two day ago, Steve’s performance on the night emulating plenty of elements from his mix, which we simply haven’t been able to put down since its release just under two weeks ago. Now, if you have been following our WE posts over the last few days, not least the two special Music posts we devoted to this new Spanish club brand, you will have a really good idea of just how brilliant we think this latest Pitron podcast is, but if you haven’t, go take a look, but more importantly, make sure you add this compilation to your collection now, by going to http://stevepitronsessions.podomatic.com/.

Now, we have promised for quite a while to hone in on Belgian talent, Ruben Winters and once we have selected seventh gear on our regular Music Is The Answer posts, we will be. However, in the meantime, it seems he has been very busy, not only holding down his regular residency at Antwerp’s Red & Blue club, but has also finalising his sparkling new logo, which he launched not long after our last newsletter. But, moreover he has been busy recording two new compilations, both which were inspired by his live sets at Red & Blue on 6th & then 20th November, as well as producing an experimental track entitled “Staturate”, which shows one of many strings to his talented man’s bow of music genres. So, in advance of our full focus later this week (yes it is coming) go to http://soundcloud.com/d-jayme to get a taste of this Belgium beaut.

Right, back to our next big gun and a rare inclusion in our posts, but well deserved, as Paul Heron has been in the studio and has compiled a full-on 119 minute mix that is absolutely crammed with gems right from the off, progressive by design, but uplifting & vocal tinged in delivery, which Paul neatly explains as “...a collection of some of my favourite tracks from my sets over the past few months...”. And that is truly worldwide, as Paul has been truly globetrotting throughout the summer, from Sydney to Sao Paulo & back again, has starred at both The Circuit Festival & XLsior, has done the business for Delice, and had even treated audiences back here at home in London, with amazing performances at Matinee, Beyond, Orange, Hype, SuperMartXe, as well as holding down regular stints at Lo-Profile, Shadow Lounge &, of course, Industri. So, given how busy he is, this mix if a rare treat indeed so is well worth grabbing while you can at http://soundcloud.com/djpaulheron/dj-paul-heron-november-2010.

Our second, so called “baby boomer” (an affectionate term naturally) is Zach Burns, who stormed onto the scene just over three months ago at A:M and is now part of the roving residency team at fab new Thursday hit, Room Service, he also having guest spotted at Monday nighter Popcorn and is slowly developing a following, not least through his regular podcast releases, which are well worth a listen. Indeed his latest December addition, one which he describes as “...something fresh & uplifting for the horrid winter months ahead...”, is delightfully different, combing bouncy beats with chunky tunes that drift you through the 115 minutes in a tech & vocal dream. So, go check out this latest Burns blast at direct link http://djburns.podomatic.com/entry/2010-12-04T11_00_05-08_00.

Next up is big hitter Gonzalo Rivas, a huge talent that never fails to miss our radar, having been a major tore de force in clubs like Trade, Orange, Beyond & Salvation across the years, although the list of his appearances both home & abroad is both extensive & amazing. Plus, he never fails to disappoint on the studio works front either, his regular compilations always hitting our collection, his “deep” series very much in the Orange RAW mode, while his recording for Manchester’s Gaydio radio station, is more in the vein of his sets at resident spots in the capital, which include Lo-Profile, Barcode & Beyond. However, we cannot recommend enough, his “Retrospek” mix, which looks back across twelve years of huge hits that have made his many performances. With 20 terrific tunes, this mix is an absolute joy and is pure Gonzalo at his superlative best, which you must most definitely add to your collection by going to http://gonzalorivas.podomatic.com/.

To make it three all, next up is Jamie Hammond, who’s meteoric rise to fame was nothing short of spectacular, he being thrown into the limelight at Friday’s favourite, Onyx, although has since laid his hat much more neatly both at London’s Popcorn and (the biggie) Rome’s Muccassassina, the Italians particularly lapping up his tougher edged yet invigorating beats. This international exposure is certainly getting Mr Hammond noticed & is also growing his musical style considerably, very much reflecting in his podcasts, the Muccassasina devoted compilation very good indeed, although his November release proving an absolute corker and, as Jamie rightly say’s, includes some real classics which are also tunes of right now, very much evoking the euphoric energy of his performances. So, enough said, just go grab his extended November mix now at http://d-jamie.podomatic.com/entry/2010-11-21T15_09_35-08_00.

Right, let’s take a little breather from our “Big Guns & Baby Boomers” for a moment or two and bring you up to date with the tunes that are doing it for us right now, the first being a summer smash in Spain which has yet to hit our shores yet, although we are pinning a few hopes on this one appearing sometime soon, Rebeka Brown’s “Offshore”, grabbing us from the second we heard it just a couple of weeks ago. With a couple of You Tube links to share with you, namely http://youtube.com/watch?v=U0pAhuML8fs&NR=1 &
http://youtube.com/watch?v=GQCvVo-7maw, plus with an appearance on Tony English’s podcast devoted to Lovechild’s “Anniversary” party, (available to download at http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/), Rebeka’s vocals are simply stunning, and this track is right up our street.

But, Rebeka does it again for us with the brilliant “Show Me Your Love”, which first found our favour on Mikey D’s incredible compilation “Lose Control” (if you haven’t got this in your collection, where have you been...grab it at http://mikeyd.podomatic.com/) and has since been taken up by a whole load of D.J.’s, Miguel Picasso’s creation making playlists across this last weekend, from WE’s pre-party on Friday through to Beyond WE on Sunday (and we suspect many other places too) and is one of our favourites of now, which you can also grab a slice of via Mr Pitron’s podcast (we would give you the You Tube video links but they have been removed!!).

Other records that are very much grabbing our attention right now include John Dalback’s “Back To the Dancefloor” which we have had on repeat most of the last two weekend’s (check it out at http://youtube.com/watch?v=Non3nlCpT54), Peter Rauhofer’s remix of the Tears For Fears smash “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, which you can catch in full eight minute glory at http://youtube.com/watch?v=dr7O4tamqTY, Chris Montana’s “Don’t Give Up”, which is destined for greatness for sure (check out the Good Guy remix at http://youtube.com/watch?v=2IFcT9RSk8E), the love it or hate it (my goodness are we going to get stick from certain quarters) “Happiness” by Alexis Jordan, Dave Aude’s remix probably our favourite version (see why at http://vimeo.com/12782128), and then, for reasons that escape us, Carlos Gallardo’s “Get It Up”, well actually it’s that Eurovision style sound yet incredible production as well as oh, yes, those violins & vocals the radio edit at http://youtube.com/watch?v=7TDfTgpBfu0 really good, but Carlos’s club version even better. But as the list goes on, we can’t so will stop there, well for now at least.

However, before we return to our BG’s & BB’s, a little bit of news and at long last we can confirm the release of the eagerly awaited & anticipated compilation from Pagano, “Digital Generation” first being talked about as far back as August. But, with much debating as to the final fitting of tunes over, Francesco reliably informs us, that 20th December will marks its release (how kind, it’s our birthday!) and we will bring you the necessary beatport links as soon as they hit our desks.

Right, back to BG/BB shouts and next up in our list of lovelies is Brent Nicholls who has been a busy boy, the last ten weeks having seen five, yes five compilation releases, all making our task to give each one the coverage they deserve here, very difficult indeed. So, rather than go in reams of words, lets simply say that each one is worth adding to your collection, whether it be the Lovechild inspired comp, his devotion to World AIDS day, the “Red-Missing” mix, his “Funky Town” collection or the truly superb “Lo-Profile 3rd Birthday” devotion (the ending still cracks us up). Now that’s four, but the fifth is our favourite, “Let’s All Chant” a retro-tastic two hours of tunes that is pushing for top spot in our year end chart, that’s how much we love it. Plus, for all you iTunes officinal’s, Brent is there now too (link http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/djbrentnicholls-com/id401502128) although with his swish looking new website, you can grab all these compilations by simply going to http://djbrentnicholls.com/web/music/.

Now, another person we have been meaning to mention for a while is Luis Silva Carvalho, better known in D.J. mode as Luy G, he having bubbled on the surface of the scene for quite a while now, having made guest appearances at a few events at Laurence Malice’s club The Egg in Kings Cross. His style is very much on the hard house side of tech, in fact the two volume release which has literally just hit our desks, is verging on techno, hinting towards the direction in which he wants to take his music & his D.J.’ing. So, if tech & techno is your thang (and we know there are lots of you out there that love this music genre slant), then Luy G is your man & his mixes your bag, both volumes titled “I Love Tech” out now at http://luyg.podomatic.com/.

Back to our big guns and Micky Galliano is next up, he having had a superb summer out in Italy, then returning to rock Barcode on a number of occasions, both at Friday happening, Funkarama, the Saturday smash “Deviate”, playing alongside his bello Pagano, as well as starring at Patrick Lilly’s highly successful brand, Queer Nation, although he keeps getting drawn back to his homeland & especially to Rome’s Muccassassina, where he is part of the core residency team. And it is this brilliant brand which inspired his latest compilation (you only have to hear the first track to realise) in advance of his gig at their Red party event at the end of last month, which hooked us from start to finish and will do you too, by going to http://mickygalliano.podomatic.com/.

So, to our final “baby boomer” although he is more like a protégé, having first come to our attention following a set earlier this year in Rupert Street, this being followed by a success in a D.J. competition run by Heaven’s “Popcorn” club, sparking guest gigs at both A:M and Gravity, the latter now including him as part of their roving residency team. Therefore, it will be no surprise that Norbert M has marked this occasion by laying down a compilation with Gravity firmly in mind, which is well worth checking out, as is his devotion to A:M, as well as his October creation, “Never Mind The Autumn”, all of which you can download via his podcast page http://norbertmik.podomatic.com/.

Now, we want to end on some exciting news, but before we do, pick out our final “big gun”, D’Johnny, which kind of brings us round circle in terms of compilations, as it is his WE party inspired mix that gets our shout, admittedly for the second time in a week, although having waxed lyrically about it last time, we just can’t help ourselves again this being testament to just how good it is. Cutting straight to the chase, the 118 minute mix getting us right in the mood with the intro track “Get Together”, then neatly following up with the Kathy Brown vocal infused “Trippin”, other biggies including Suzanne Palmer’s “Big Love”, the incredible Javi Reina 2010 mash-up of the classic “I Can’t Stop” and, naturally, WE party’s anthem, We (Eloise), although on this occasion, Danny LeBlack’s version. So, this tech triumph is a must for your collection which you can grab now at http://djohnny.podomatic.com/.

Right we are just about at the end, but before we hit our crescendo, news of what’s coming up between now & the end of the year, the return of our Music is The Answer posts first on the agenda, focuses a plenty including that of Ruben Winters, while expected track & compilation releases from Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, Guy Williams, Nick Tcherniak, Hifi Sean, Eduardo De La Torre & Danny Verde will get our full attention. Plus, we are now linked into both Soundcloud & Podomatic, which means you can share your music with us & by doing so, you will more than likely get a mention & maybe more. Go check out our pages at http://soundcloud.com/discomatt & http://podomatic.com/discomatt or why not simply mail us at matt@discomatt.com.

So, to our last couple of mentions which go to D.J.’s Javier Media & Leomeo who have not only been busy individually, but have collectively worked on a new project “Nirvana Dream”, although more of that in a moment.

First to Javier and the truly exciting news since we last went to press on this Barca boy, is that he has been signed to massive Spanish clubbing brand Matinee, he having successfully rocked their “Vice” party in Barcelona just yesterday (Sun 5th). But his Matinee news gets bigger & better, as he will be starring in their tours of both Miami & New York, on NYE & NYD respectively, marking his first major gigs in the States, although, following this magnificent Matinee news, Mr Medina’s feet have hardly touched the ground, this weekend seeing him play out in Beirut at “Vanity”, followed the next weekend by “Barbarella” in Milan & Matinee’s Paris party, before those huge happenings stateside. No one can be as pleased as us with this news, having followed & nurtured his work since spotting him back in the spring and the progress he has made has been nothing short of spectacular (reminds us of Danny Verde), so we are sure you will join us in hearty congratulations to Javier, the US news being probably the best birthday present he has received in years (it was Sat btw). Now, we just await a new compilation from him, although you can, like us, keep your eyes peeled at either http://soundcloud.com/javier-medina/ or http://javiermedina.podomatic.com/.

As for Leomeo, well, we simply can’t keep up with our favourite Frenchman (sorry had to be said), tours of The US, Canada & Asia taking him away from his beloved Paris for most of the last six months, as have trips closer to home, including Spain, Germany & Belgium as well as his home country France, Lyon often calling on his superb services. Mind you, as busy as he is, it doesn’t stop Leo from dipping into the recording studio to lay down the odd compilation or two, many marking either his trips around the globe or the gigs he has played, three brilliant examples being “Sunday IN NYC”, “Shanghai Halloween” & “Matinee Paris – 1st Anniversary”, all available at http://soundcloud.com/djleomeo. But we get extremely excited when he hits the track recording path, his own “The Sound Of C” earlier this year getting our vote, as does his latest remix work of Shazz’s “Wherever You Are”, which he cutely entitles his “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi” mix and is another example of Leomeo at his banging beat best.

So, what about “Nirvana Dream”, the Javier & Leomeo joint project? Well, it’s a collaboration extra-ordinaire, as the two talents fuse their tribal & tech house styles amazingly with sufficient amounts of vocals as well as elements of trance to produce a jaw droopingly elegant & mouth wateringly masterful track, this eight minute marvel neatly matched to visuals in video (check out link http://youtube.com/watch?v=eZzXnIhSHJc) that will hopefully be played out in all its glory at this coming weekend’s Lovechild “Mirrorballs" party, of which Leomeo headlines and is a liaison we cannot wait for, as sadly we can’t be at Matinee Paris the following weekend where both Leomeo & Javier will star together.

Well, that is it, our “Big Guns & Baby Boomers” music newsletter, we having breathlessly covered 14 D.J’s and well over thirty links to compilations, tracks & video’s, leaving us to simply say, “sit back, select those sounds, turn up the volume and let them play, as Music Is The Answer”. (DISCO MATT)

"A New Look, A New Direction" - DiscoMatt.com "Go For Launch"


Well, it has been a long time coming, but the day has arrived when we can, excitingly, announce the launch of our new one-stop website, a momentous day in Disco Matt land and one which we are coining “go for launch”, perhaps not quite as spectacular as the first rocket in space, the first man on the moon or even that first space shuttle mission, but a significant launch & step in our relatively short yet eventful history.

And yes, it has been just under three years since we started putting pen to paper, Disco Matt having been born & developed following publication of his review of Matinee in February 2008, on tip top clubbing website SeenQueen, we having gone on to rack up exactly 200 reviews since then, although as we have broadened our services ,other posts & reports have pushed up that incredible figure to well over 400, adding previews, weekend recommendations, hot dates & music pages to our family of blogs.

But in an ever changing & fast moving world and with our reputation & name established, the time came for us to step out of our “blogging” label, by creating a full-on website to encompass the full range of our work, offering a “one-stop shop” for our regular readers & wider audiences. So, given this momentous change, we have decided to slowly phase out our posts via BlogSpot, with the plan to fully integrate into DiscoMatt.com from the beginning of 2011. However, till then, you will be able to find out posts both here & at the new site.

So, why not take a look at our new look now & our post “A New Look & New Direction” which gives you a complete rundown on the new features, pages & site navigation tools, by simply clicking on http://discomatt.com/. We hope you like our new look and welcome your feedback, good, bad or indifferent. (DISCO MATT)

Friday, 3 December 2010

"Wonderful Ensemble Again" - Music Is The Answer - WE Party Special Take Two


Now, before you wonder and ask, what are we up to?, and what is this take two? Well, if Strictly Come Dancing can do it, so can we (oh that little word is going to be used a lot isn’t it...WE that is), so, “Wonderful Ensemble Again” it is, as despite having pretty much buttoned down both the message & then the music selections in advance of the WE Party launch on Saturday, those naughty D.J.’s have kept us on our toes. Yes, two of the main room stars have, whilst our backs were turned, gone to press with brand new podcasts, dedicated directly to WE’s launch in London. So, in true style, we just had to bring the full details to you & run down a review of both, plus tempt you with a handful of other tunes that we hope will be heading our way at WE courtesy of another main room entrant.

So, let’s get down to it and first up is the much anticipated & awaited compilation for WE’s headlining resident D.J. Carlos Gallardo, who (London airports permitting) will be flying in direct from Madrid to further heat up what is already looking like a red hot Coronet main room of music, with dramatic dance music magic, loads of latin favoured bats and the extra infusion of vocals to his track selections that has sometimes been missing from his compatriots at certain other named Spanish club import parties. That said, there will be no shortage of sexy Spanish tech fuelled & progressive euro sounds that always seem to hit resonance with the theatrical proportions of WE London’s host venue, although, as we have said, the big difference with Carlos’s WE sound compared to those of other parties, is that vocal injection. And from the very minute we started listening to his podcast, we were met with just that, fulsome Spanish styled sounds, vocal drenched yet pumping beats, starting off with the amazing anthem & summer smash"Get It Up" then rolling on into a brilliant adaptation of Cher’s “I Drove All Night”, followed by Carlos’s own “raw” yet rapturous version of “We (Eloise)” which is surely going to be THE song of the weekend (or is that the WEekend?!) , then onward to the fabulous “Fantasy Girl”, which is given the Gallardo grunt and a new twist of the classic Blondie hit “Call Me” among plenty of other brilliant beats. And to be honest, we had to stop dancing around the study during our research of Mr Gallardo’s gorgeous gathering of tunes, for fear of disturbing the neighbours (sadly we are not detached here in Clapham). So, with a mere smidgen of song giveaways, we cannot shout for Carlos’s creation enough and what’s even better is that WE London’s fab promoter, Alex Erfan, has loaded it into a podcast version to make it easy for you, so forget all those half baked download links and go grab some Mr Gallardo now at http://alex888.podomatic.com/entry/2010-12-02T07_32_52-08_00.

Hot (another word we will be using a lot) on Carlos’s heels is D’Johnny, who, along with fellow London superstar Steve Pitron, will be balancing out the Anglo-Spanish mix in the main room, he not just making up the quintet of WE main room qualifiers, but is very much a man on form at the moment, storming recent performances at Lo-Profile’s 3rd birthday, Beyond & Later (to name just a few). So, this smashing Swede’s inclusion in the WE line up was a natural choice for the London promoting team, not least that he is acutely familiar with The Coronet, having played there on a number of occasions in the recent past, both for SuperMartXe & Hype, his depth of talent & experience surely coming into play. And we were hoping he would also lay down a compilation marking WE party’s launch in London, Mr Cermann never failing to please us with his creations, this one another example of just why he is in such demand, the 118 minute mix hitting the ground running with the fab intro “Get Together”, then going all Delicious on us with their Kathy Brown vocal infused “Trippin” track. But the mix continues with selection after selection that prove as scrumptiously sweet as a chocolate selection box, the variety of sounds blending perfectly, meaning that, not only did we disturb the neighbours again while playing Johnny’s creation, but his selection box of sounds was munched up with gusto, other highlight tracks including Suzanne Palmer’s “Big Love”, the incredible Javi Reina 2010 mash-up of the classic “I Can’t Stop” and , naturally, WE party’s anthem, We (Eloise), although on this occasion it's Danny LeBlack’s version, all making up this tech & tribal triumph which, in the words of the man himself, is a collection of “...some of my own edits & bootlegs... (they are good, very good)... together with chunky house & sexy rhythms from other great producers that I am a fan of & support, all to give you an idea of what to expect from me at WE...”. And, if the truth be known, we absolutely love D’Johnny’s WE inspired mix, and we cannot wait to see him play at WE, so we recommend this podcast be an addition to your collection, which you can grab now at http://djohnny.podomatic.com/

Now, for fear of repeating ourselves (oh what the heck) if you haven’t yet grabbed your own copy of Steve Pitron’s devotion to WE then you must surely be in the minority, but just in case you missed the, how many is it now?!, erm...five mentions we have given this faaaabulous compilation, then go to http://stevepitronsessions.podomatic.com/ NOW! And, having very much been the soundtrack of our weekend return to his homeland, when we caught up with old friends over in Essex, we got hooked to a couple of tracks, the first being John Dalback’s “Back To The Dancefloor” which we had on repeat most of the time (check it out at http://youtube.com/watch?v=Non3nlCpT54, the visuals being nearly as good as the track), Steve blending it superbly into JC’s “Souk” (has got to rival one of the best pieces of mixing we have heard all year). As for the other, well, if like us you were a Tears For Fears fan (we are showing our age!) then you will love Peter Rauhofer’s remix of their smash “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, which you can catch in full eight minute glory at http://youtube.com/watch?v=dr7O4tamqTY. However, in terms of Mr Pitron’s latest work, the list goes on, Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” in yet another rapturous remix, main WE main Carlos Gallardo’s “Get It Up” (it’s on his mix too) ,“David Tort’s “Chase The Sun” and not forgetting the brilliant blockbuster “Show Me Your Love” by Miguel Picasso featuring Rebeka Brown’s incredible vocals, which will surely make a showing on Saturday, as should Tune In Tokyo’s “Dreamer” & Chris Montana’s “Don’t Give Up”, which is destined for greatness for sure (check out the Good Guy remix at http://youtube.com/watch?v=2IFcT9RSk8E) , but stop it Steve, as we can’t take this magnificent music anymore (well we can actually).

Anyway, enough already, we could write on & on about the music of WE, but we have to stop somewhere, don’t we? So, let’s just leave it there shall we and, as we look forward to WE and the launch on London on Saturday, all that’s left to say, as we love to, is “...sit back, select those sounds, turn up and let them play, as Music Is The Answer...”. (DISCO MATT)

Monday, 29 November 2010

"Wonderful Ensemble" - Music Is The Answer - WE Party Special Post


There is no doubt that WE parties have been the talk of Europe this summer, the brand, which was established by artistic creator & club promoter, Victor Pallas, just a year ago, has very much captured the imagination of Spaniards, Italians & Greeks, with scores of successful parties across Spain (including Madrid, Barcelona & Ibiza), in Rome at Muccassassina and in Mykonos at the famed Xlsior festival. But the WE word, not least through its music, is gaining worldwide reputation, especially given some of the talents the team are drawing in to play at parties both home & abroad, home of course being Madrid where it all started. However, with WE landing in London, we thought we would give you a flavour of what to expect from the music, as well as touching on the works either specially commissioned for the event or latest releases from D.J.’s that have graced the WE decks.

And probably the best way to kick off is by laying to rest, the rumour that, due to the line up at The Coronet in London this coming Saturday (4th Dec), the music will feel like an extract from Beyond, which, in lots of ways simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, we can kind of understand why certain elements would jump to this conclusion, especially when three Beyond residents will be playing out in main room, with a fourth in the VIP lounge. However, with two of those three main room stars having played for SuperMartXe and the third having Spain running through his veins, you can certainly expect a much more euro-style slant to each of their sets, although very much in the WE style of sound. So, what is that sound? well, plenty of latin flavoured beats, vocal infused tunes, but moreover a captivating combination of styles that reflect the diversity of talent that the team have attracted, maestro’s like Peter Rauhoffer, Pagano, Danny Verde, & Marco Da Silva, to add to the strong core team of residents that include Carlos Gallardo & Danny Le Black, these names alone, exuding the quality & depth of style that WE is becoming famous for..

So, that said, what can you expect from the line up at The Coronet on Saturday? Well, first & foremost, WE Party will be flying over their star resident D.J. Carlos Gallardo, who has been with the team since the beginning last October, having previously played for SuperMartXe, although, to be honest, his career is littered with appearances for most the top Spanish clubbing brands, including Amnesia, Space, & Cafe Ole. Born in Barcelona, where he established his reputation, Mr Gallardo’s discography is nearly as impressive as his career behind the decks, often combining forces with some of the country’s best vocalists, just this year having been credited with three massive hits, first the remix of “Don’t Let This Moment End” together with Rebeka Brown, and then tipping the charts with “Fantasy Girl” featuring Rob Harris (of The Free Radicals fame). However, he arrives in London on the back of the spectacular success of WE’s very own anthem, entitled (surprise surprise) We (Eloise), which is sure to feature large across the evening & in his set on the main floor, the vocals of Bobby Alexander making this track unmistakable. Now, if you haven’t heard it yet (where have you been?!), go check it out now at http://youtube.com/watch?v=GOnM2-Y0qMU with a remix version by Victor Magan out at http://youtube.com/watch?v=RjDiLGfQ5uE, (although for us, you can’t beat the original) and be prepared to be captivated by Carlos at The Coronet.

However, balancing out the Spanish big hitting influence will be our very own Steve Pitron, who has been charming the crowds across the capitals clubbing scene for well over 10 years now, this list of events & club nights he has played in, very much reading like a who’s who, notable highlights being PSP, Crash, Juicy, Orange, SuperMartXe, and, not forgetting Beyond, Mr Pitron, like virtually no D.J. we know, having this amazing attraction & ability to lift any party. And whilst recent times have seen him very much being the darling of the main room at Area on a Sunday morning, delighting the packed out space with one amazing anthem after the next, the depth of Steve’s talents & his superb skill for pitching the music just right for the occasion, is no better displayed than through his latest compilation, that he has laid down especially for this Saturday’s WE Party. Now, we will be giving the mix our full focus in our upcoming music newsletter, although it rightfully deserves attention here too, Mr Pitron explaining of his creation, “...the session starts & ends with “WE (Eloise)” as well as some turbo-charged bass heavy Spanish productions mixed up with some tougher beats from my current sets, giving you a taste of what to expect...” all very much dispelling the myth that his performance on Saturday will be just like another Beyond two hours. In fact, of all the compilations of his we have in our collection, this is the cleverest, the best thought out & most entertainingly diverse so far and has to be heard to be believed. So, go grab it now at http://stevepitronsessions.podomatic.com/ and be prepared to be dazzled, not just by the 28 track mix, but by the man’s performance on the night.

Joining Carlos & Steve will be London based international star Gonzalo Rivas, (check out his amazing mix “Retrospek” at http://gonzalorivas.podomatic.com/) who will be adding his own incredible touch to the main room proceedings, while, flying in from Spain will be latest recruit to the WE core team of D.J.’s, Manuel De Diego, this amazing combination really setting the quality of music aside from any Spanish club import we have seen in London so far. Plus, the dynamic trio in the main space will be added to by the terrific talent that is Berlin based D’Johnny, he having very much carved a fantastic following here in the capital and, like Steve, is no stranger to The Coronet, having played for SuperMartXe there in the past, while the VIP room will have a vibe akin the iconic “lite lounge” at Trade, original residents Fat Tony & Guy Williams treating the select sophisticates to scores of spectacular sounds. So, there is no doubt in our minds that the music offering at WE this Saturday is going to be nothing short of scintillating, adding to all the other elements (check out our special preview at http://discomattpreview.blogspot.com/2010/11/welcoming-espania-we-party-special) that should prove this to be one of the best parties & musical exhibitions the capital has seen in a long time. (DISCO MATT)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

"Anniversary Accolade" - Music Is The Answer - Special Lovechild Post


In advance of our latest DM Does The Music News post, entitled “Big Guns & Baby Boomers”, due out later this week, we thought we would whet your music appeties with a special music devotion to all things Lovechild, the club brand that marked one year at its current home Fire, back on Saturday 13th of this month

In capturing a few clips of recent focus posts & previews, where we looked at the works of D.J.’s and then by honing in on specific Lovechild inspired compilations, this is a special “Music Is The Answer” post, that also marks the end to our sabbatical in advance of a full resumption of services on 6th December. So, we hope you like our indulgence to all things Lovechild and prepare to get busy downloading & listening to some magnificent music.

So let’s crack on with our look back which begins in June, it marking our first real focus on D.J.’s in depth within our Lovechild recommendations posts and whilst the event itself was pretty low key, the music was far from, this being the many reasons why.

“.....Looking at these D.J.’s on offer, the range of house music genres on offer is simply dynamic and the combination will definitely deliver to suit all tastes. Brent Nicholls is in a really pioneering sector of sound at the moment, playing out fresh track, one after the next in the style that he coins “Nu-funk”, the type of music that gets the feet moving, the hips swaying & the bodies gyrating to the funky & disco/electro drenched beats, endless examples available through his LGDF dedicated compilations as well as those pressed for both Hustlaball & Pervert, which you can check out at http://djbrentnicholls.com/music.

Both Terry’s are accomplished deliverers of uplifting yet funky filled house with tech tinges, the antipodean Mr Vietheer making an impact at Heaven’s Popcorn as well as appearing at hip hangouts Barcode, Rupert St, and has literally just released his latest compilation entitled “funky for love” (very appropriate) which is out now at http://soundcloud.com/terryvietheer/funky4love-june-2010-promo, while Mr Bryan continues to make musical waves at clubs that include A.M., Booster, Beyond & Later as well as featuring in Bank Holiday Orange specials, just last week treating us to some storming sets at Beyond & Orange in Area’s fabulous Terrace Bar space, but really tickling our disco & funky fancies in the Vinyl room at A.M., showing the depth in his musical talent, his latest compilation out at http://terrybryan.podomatic.com/ giving a real flavour of his style.

Then there is the magnificent Mattias, who never fails to impress with his octane fuelled tech & progressive house, making him a favourite attraction wherever he goes, holding down a exhaustive international roster, but popping up in the capital every now & then, Barcode & A.M. included in recent appearances, his irresistible musical flair reflected beautifully in his latest “tech house in your face” mix out at http://djmattias.podomatic.com/, while Rupert St favourite Alessandro Londra will be back to Lovechild too, stirring the emotions with his fiery Sicilian passion which shows through in the explosive & exciting music he plays, that has seen him star at Matinee’s both old & new, hangouts including Lo-Profile & Barcode, sexy lads outfits Rudeboiz & Fitladz, not to mention massive clubs As One & Beyond and his latest release “Get Wet”, out at http://soundcloud.com/djalessandrolondra/get-wet will certainly whet your appetite for his music.....”

In July, when London enjoyed the first of two Lovechild parties, the first being “Making Hay” which featured a South African talent that had made waves at the London Global Dance Festival just a few weeks before & we featured him in our focus post, also then mopping up on other’s D.J.’s works in a review postscript.

“.....Making a welcome return to the U.K. is South African Leroy Tayler, who starred at the recent LGDF series of events, landing plenty of new fans at Later’s party that Sunday, so should prove a popular draw again, his distinctly African inspired funky & electro sounds having secured a residency at Cape Town’s premier Crew Club, not to mention being part of Salvation’s touring team. And in celebration of his appearance, Leroy has laid down a specially dedicated compilation which is available at http://events.leroytayler.podomatic.com/, the 117 minute mix very reflective of his afro percussive/electro style & sound and is an absolute gem.....”

“......As our review has highlighted, the music at this “Makin Hay” event pretty much stole the show, and the good news is that if you witnessed The Oli’s superb set, you can re-kindle some of that magic via his latest compilation “Long Summer” which is available at http://theoli.podomatic.com/. Plus Phil Hewson has laid down a special mix for this “Making Hay” event, which you can download from http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/......”

August saw Lovechild going very summery on us with a beach party in association with Brighton’s Wild Fruit & the strong D.J. resident team certainly delivered on the promise within our “Hot Dates” post.

“.....But raunch aside, the music will be doing it own kind of talking across all three spaces and Lovechild will be bringing back some of its favourite residents who have been missing from recent parties. Alessandro Londra makes a welcome return, having completed a successful tour of Rome since his last Lovechild appearance and he continues to pack a punch at Lo-Profile, Barcode Vauxhall, Rudeboiz (he will know plenty about the contact room!) and, of course, his longstanding residency for Rupert Street. Over & above all of that, Alessandro can count recent gigs for both Beyond & Matinee as highlights, he performing brilliantly at the latter’s “Open Air Summer Party”, which was the Sunday success of the year so far. Young talent and recent Lovechild resident inclusion, Jc Christopher, also makes his return and this will be his third gig for Alex Erfan’s Saturday night outfit, Jc having really got the party going with a brilliant opening set at his last showing in June and will surely be doing the same again.

Then we come to the trio of Aussie’s that we hinted on earlier and first is Terry Vietheer, who like Jc is a recent addition to the Lovechild team, yet deservedly so as the man has been making waves over at Heaven’s Monday nighter, Popcorn, while he also resides for the monthly Shadow Lounge Thursday party, Hola, not to mention popping up at Barcode Vauxhall every now & then, Terry treating us to a terrific tank load of tunes at their 4th birthday bash. But one return we are really looking forward to is Brent Nicholls, who has be a noticeable absentee from the last two Lovechild’s thus making his return all the more enticing. And what can we say about this hugely popular & capable master of his game that we haven’t said before except of his unique genre of house, which he calls “nu-funk” & which is definitely doing it for us at the moment, should feature large in his se, so with the prospect of his performance soaked with these sensational sounds, we cannot wait.....”

September saw us miss out on Alex Erfan’s lovable brand, as we were on a tour of duty in Paris, although Lovechild had their own slice of France, a the Delice boys landed on London and we focussed on the event & an Italian & Englishman that made it the team of resident D.J.’s that time.

“...But, the music is likely to be just as attractive for this special party, not least as the guest slot is filled by the handsome & talented Fabio White, who last entertained us here in gAylist world in the capital at the massive London Global Dance Festival and we know just how excited he is to play at this latest Lovechild event and in Fire’s new look main room to boot. His combination of uplifting, funky & fulsome house will very much find favour with the Lovechild & Fire crowd, Mr White being backed up by a host of resident D.J.’s from promoter Alex Erfan’s extensive stable, the likes of Tony English & Leroy Tayler, both who are familiar with these hot & horny parties and who have just laid down new podcasts that give you more than a hint of the kind of music to expect from their sets. Tony’s latest is crammed with some of the most recent euro style beats to be hitting both the dancefloors & the airwaves, it also adding a touch of Spanish sound as Cafe Ole & Space Ibiza resident Pablo Kopanos features within the 70 minute mix which is well worth a listen by going to http://tonyenglish.podomatic.com/...”

Then in October it was the turn of “Hot Muscle” to take centre stage, a musclbound event, with music to match, the team welcoming a special guest from the states, this giving us a chance to conduct a mini bio on this pint sized powerhouse.

“...Alex is proud to welcome Justin Ryan to London, an internationally renowned D.J. that made his debut behind the decks in New York, but soon spread his wings across America, playing an intrinsic part in Miami’s “Winter Party” & the city’s “Out In The Parks” summer tour, also playing out to packed audiences in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta & Fire Island, as well as up in Montreal, Canada. However, spreading wings comes naturally to Justin and he has formed serious foundation in Australia, establishing a residency with one of the top events teams there, which has seen him play at the huge Sydney Mardi Gras, as well as for club brands Love Muscle, MarXe, Big Q Rising, and latterly, Live, the club that co-hosted the Lovechild party we mentioned earlier, Justin playing alongside Sydney based Johan Khoury (also a Lovechild guest D.J.) and London resident Alessandra Londra.

Mr Ryan’s characteristic uplifting vocals & melodic house hits, intermixed with progressive, latin & euro style beats are sure to go down a treat on the Lovechild London main floor and his energy & enthusiasm for his art will definitely come through, he remarking that “...I always try to deliver the highest energy through my performances, I like to feel part of the crowd and lead them through the party...” And, in celebration of his recent Sydney appearance & that for London this Saturday, Alex has laid down a special compilation, simply entitled “Lovechild” which is well worth a listen at http://justinryan.podomatic.com/ & judging by some of the tracks on here, gosh are we in for a treat at Fire (also check out his photo...he & Johan Khoury have to be related, what do you think?!)...”

And that bring us pretty much up to date, we going the extra mile with a full on postscript inclusion to our Lovechild 1st Anniversary review, which kind of speaks for itself & rounds up this special look at Lovechild, save for a final conclusion to come

“......There is little doubt that Lovechild has & continues to sport one of the strongest resident line-up’s on the capitals clubbing scene, not to mention a host of guest D.J.’s that make the music it plays not just diverse & interesting, but some of the best you will find anywhere. International talents that have graced the clubs decks in the year it has partied hard at Fire have included Albert Neve, Leomeo Carandang, Justin Ryan, Johan Khoury and, of course, Javier Medina, while London based guests extend to Terry Bryan, The Oli, Alan K & Nick Tcherniak. Yet, as this list wasn’t sparkling enough, you then include the list of residents & it truly becomes awesome, Italian’s Pagano, Gabriele Cutrano & Alessandro Londra, Australian’s, Brent Nicholls & Terry Vietheer, Englishmen, Phil Hewson, Tony English, Lee Harris & Jc Christopher, Scot, Paul Heron and Swede, Mattias, even South African Leroy Tayler, a roll call indeed.

But it gets better, as not only is there a special site dedicated to the music of Lovechild, mixes available from the likes of Nick T, Paul H, Mattias, Alessandro, Gabriele & many more, all 13 episodes which can be downloaded from http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/. But, yet more are available via the D.J.’s direct web pages, all worth a look, http://events.leroytayler.podomatic.com/, http://justinryan.podomatic.com/, http://soundcloud.com/djalessandrolondra, http://funkylondon.podomatic.com/ (Phi Hewson’s site) & http://soundcloud.com/gabrielecutrano.

However, marking this 1st Anniversary party as only he can do best, is Brent Nicholls, with his compilation entitled “LoveChildOne – Feels Like Fire Mix”, which he describes as “...a collection of funky flavoured nufunk, tech dipped & disco inspired tunes...” and he is not wrong there, our fave tracks being “C’mon Get Funky”, “Let’s All Chant”, “Sweep The Floor” & “Disco Disco Disco” (there’s a surprise), but with 13 more terrific tunes besides, making for what we would describe as a retro meets modern gem of a compilation with the Nicholls magical twist to it. So, this is truly a gorgeous gift to Lovechild on their 1st Anniversary and can be one to you too, by going to http://djbrentnicholls.com/ and then either scrolling down the home page, or selecting his “music” section.

Finally, the “official” Lovechild Anniversary mix was pressed onto CD for the party & handed out across the evening, this 44 minute marvel mixed by resident D.J. Tony English, which is a glorious collection of both uplifting vocal tunes & euro-style beats, very much evocate of his superb set on the night and is a MUST for your collection. Now, for those of you that weren’t around & didn’t get a copy, the good news is that it will be released on http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/ in the next week or so, although in the meantime, if you fancy a copy, then just drop your details to Disco Matt headquarters via disocmatt@hotmail.com & we will arrange to forward a copy to you. Plus, for Tony’s regular podcasts, go to http://tonyenglish.podomatic.com/.....”

Well, that is it, our look back over the last five/six months of mesmeric music from this loveable clubbing brand and apart from saying, happy anniversary Lovechild, we love you, we have to thank ALL the D.J.’s that have graced Lovechild’s decks over these months, as well as thanking Alex Erfan, Roni Inan, Danny Shubert, Thiagio Drewery and the rest of the Lovechild team, without whom, this post would not have been possible.

So, with countless amounts of compilation mixes to download (if you don’t have them already, our parting words on this special musical look at Lovechild simply are, “...sit back, select those sounds, turn up the volume & let them play, as Music Is The Answer...”. (DISCO MATT)

Monday, 18 October 2010

"Energetic Euro's" - DM Does Thew News - Monday 18th October


With life over the last few weeks being topsy turvy to say the least, while we have been holding our own with both reviews & preview (weekend) posts, our much beloved Music Is The Answer reports have taken a back step. But with there being a relentless amount of new music out there, we thought we would get back into gear with not one, but two D.M. Does The News posts, this one concentrating on European based talents and their latest compilations & tracks or simply just news on forthcoming gigs. So, sit back as we run through a select choice of D.J.’s & their work, giving the all important links to spectacular new sounds.

Right, let’s get going with this mini tour around Europe and what better place to start than in Italy, well Milan to be precise, the home town base for the now global D.J. star that is Danny Verde. Having tracked his career from as far back as 2007, we cannot stress enough how pleased we are that, in this short time, he has gained the following & reputation he has, hardly a week going by when he is not jetting off somewhere to play. However, the foundations for Danny’s popularity are planted firmly in the recording studio and with tracks like “Pushin To the Top”, “Express Yourself” & “Let Me See Your Underwear” just three out of a whole host of smash hits that regularly make D.J. sets across the world.

And, when he is home, hardly a day goes by without something coming out of the now famed Holab studio, latest work in progress productions including a remix of Pagano & Parmour’s “The Reflex” as well as 2010 remixes of “Pushin To the Top”. However, two tracks hot off the press are available now, first Katy Perry’s new single “Peacock” which Danny has remixed with Hector Fonseca, out at http://soundcloud.com/hector-fonseca-music/peacock-hector-fonseca-danny-verde-remix while Mr Verde’s own re-work of Blake Lewis’s “Wait Till Dawn” looks set to be huge this winter, versions of which you can grab now at http://itunes.apple.com/it/album/till-we-see-the-sun-remixes-ep/id388254732. But we are perhaps nearly most excited about his new podcast “Escape From Paradise” which is an absolute corker & in our view, his best yet. So, as Danny aptly puts it, “...are you ready to escape?, if so download it here...” here being http://dannyverde.podomatic.com/. So, being “nearly” most excited surely means something else is coming & yes it is, as we will be with the man himself at Salvation in Berlin in just 6 days, so simply cannot wait.

Right, talking of Berlin, our next shout goes to a talent that has been basing himself there for a while now, although he still manages to pop back to London every now & then, recent trips including gigs at Beyond & more latterly at As One for the August Bank Holiday. Eduardo De La Torre never fails to impress his audiences when he is here & had the Mirrorarch well & truly rocking within minutes of starting his set back on 29th August and marked the occasion by laying down a specially commissioned mix for the occasion. We covered this in our review of the party but cannot resist sharing the link with you again, which is http://soundcloud.com/dj-edu-de-la-torre/as-one-london-bank-holliday-especial-mixed-by-dj-edu-de-la-torre and a mix well worth adding to your collection.

Back in Berlin and life is extremely hectic for Edu, his weekly residency at the Connection club going extremely well, as is his new radio show which goes out every Monday at 8 p.m. local time, the show an on-line based broadcast, which you can tune into via http://embededexposureteam.webs.com/, while studio works continue un-abated with a number of projects in the pipeline which we can’t wait to spill the beans on. However, we can let you know now about an amazing new track called “I Will Stand”, evoking Edu’s incredibly uplifting yet electro/progressive tendencies, which is destined for greatness we are sure. So, check it out now via direct link http://soundcloud.com/dj-edu-de-la-torre/i-will-stand-for-the-nation-balearic-mix-dj-edu-de-la-torre-no_scene-dj-sai-aka-simongad and if you are in Berlin this weekend, come down to Salvation where Mr De La Torre will be playing alongside Danny & Nick Tcherniak (we can’t wait).

Just quickly while still on the German theme, a D.J. talent that seems to jet back & forth to London more than we have hot dinners is super Swede D’Johnny who is, as we speak, recovering from the massive R.A.W. 4th birthday party at Orange, when he performed a special 3 hour back-to-back set with R.A.W. original David Jimenez. Mind you, it seems that this hugely talented young man is set to become part of the furniture at R.A.W., but also is very much an afterhours expert here in the capital, playing regularly for A:M, Later &, of course, Beyond. But, if, like us, you missed him at R.A.W. this morning, then why not grab a slice of D’Johnny in action through his latest “live” podcast (all cleverly captured straight from his Mac) at http://djohnny.podomatic.com/entry/2010-09-29T12_08_22-07_00 or even his more recent Beyond main room set & his back-to-back performance with David Jimenez in The Chapel room, at http://djohnny.podomatic.com/ which you should grab now while you can.

Right our Euro whizz now switches to Belgium, where the cute & cuddly Andrei Stan is based, but like both Edu & Johnny is making it across to London with increasing regularity of late. Now, we first got to hear this talent play back in March for new club launch Matador & since then he has been firmly on our radar. However, with trips to Beyond’s “Super Size” party in August, when he nailed it in The Chapel Room and then at A;M’s re-launch just three weeks ago, when he stole the main room show, it is clear the young Mr Stan is finding fabulous favour with the notoriously fussy yet musically informed London crowd. So, the good news is that he will be back at the end of the month, featuring large in A:M’s Halloween special “Asylum”, followed by a slot next to the mighty David Penn at the event “Vauxhall Chainsaw Massacre” at Colosseum (we preferred the title “Nightmare at Nine Elms St).

Back home & Andrei plays regularly for massive club La Demence, who will be celebrating their anniversary this coming weekend, Andrei thick in the action, while he also has gigs right across Brussels to keep his life very hectic. However, he does also dive into the studio every now & then, laying down recordings for his own use, but occasionally for wider release, whenever he can putting out a full compilation for each month. So, if you haven’t heard this young man play yet, then you can do no wrong by checking out his full length mixes available at http://djandrei1.net/mixes and see exactly why he has gained so much popularity here in London as well as back in Belgium.

Now, before we hop over the border into France, we just wanted to mention rising star Ruben Winters, who, like Andrei, has been on our radar for a while. With a recent lack of regular posts, the planned focus on Ruben has escaped us, although he will be getting our full attention when our beloved focus posts return. However, just as a little taster, why not check out his latest recording from his set at Antwerp club “Red & Blue, where he plays regularly, which you can check out at http://soundcloud.com/d-jayme/red-n-blue-october-02 & don’t get all confused about the name, as all will become clear in our focus.

Right to France and to Parisian Leomeo Carandang whom we sadly missed when we made it across in September, although will be diarising another visit very soon. Currently, this enchanting Frenchman is on a semi worldwide tour, having taken in New York for just under two weeks & is now in Montreal, this being followed by a return trip to his beloved Thailand, where he spent a few years much earlier in his career & life. But it is fair to say, there his hardly anywhere in the world where Leo has not laid his musical hat, we always being thrilled when he makes it to London, recent visits including for Alex Erfan’s massive LGDF gathering & then Lovechild’s “Hot Tropicana”. But trips to Italy, Germany & Spain litter his exhausting schedule, although we can’t wait to see him back in the capital in December for another pre Christmas meet at Lovechild.

So, with all this touring on his plate, we would forgive him for not getting into the recording studio that often, but nothing of it, as his list of compilations & track releases is nearly as frenzied as his globetrotting, his appearance at Cafe Ole in Spain creating a magnificent mix which is out at direct link http://soundcloud.com/djleomeo/cafe-ole-space-ibiza-by-dj-leomeo while a subsequent track of his called “Give me Love”, featuring vocals from Diva Avari has been given the remix treatment by artists including Javier Medina, Pagano & Aurel Devil, although the original is our favourite, which has Leomeo’s style written all over it which you can check out at http://soundcloud.com/djleomeo/leomeo-feat-diva-avari-give-me-love-original-mix. Then there is his own remixing talents displayed with a remix of DJ Rony’s record “Colour Of Love”, not to mention a full on compilation very much hot off the press & compiled in reflection of Leo’s time in New York, which, along with over four pages of stunning sounds, you can add to your collection via http://soundcloud.com/djleomeo.

Now, a further hop across a European border from France finds us in Spain & Barcelona, which is undoubtedly our favourite city (after Cape Town of course), even beating London & now Paris to the accolade. And, being a hotbed of clubs, music & particularly D.J.’s, there are many we could focus on. However, the choice is a simple one for us as Javier Medina continues to rise to the top of the pile, his career gaining momentum by the month, residencies in his home town including D-Boy, Devotion (his favourite) & WE, while involvement in the recent Circuit Festival was a given, Javier also popping across into France & Germany for gigs, X-treme in Cologne. Plus a recent networking visit to Paris allowed us to catch up with this charismatic Catalonian back at the end of September & we are looking forward to a further rendezvous in November here in London & then when we re-connect with Barcelona at the beginning of December.

Gigs aside, Javier has been very busy in the recording studio and has some exciting new projects in the pipeline, although like Edu’s, we have been sworn to secrecy so can’t say much more at the moment. However, what we can mention is his superb remix of Groove Armada’s “I Won’t Kneel” out via http://soundcloud.com/javier-medina/iwontkneelremix as well as a re-work of fellow Barca D.J. Ivan Gomez’s track “Sex” which was released just last week, but is already making waves, Javier’s version out at http://soundcloud.com/javier-medina/ivan-gomez-sex-javier-medina-afterauers-remix. But, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to releases, so we will keep you posted on news as soon as we can spill, not to mention exciting prospects on the club brand front. However, in the meantime, you should also check out his incredible compilation “Barcelona To London", which has already made out top five for the year and is a must for your collection, the direct link being http://soundcloud.com/javier-medina/frombarcelonatolondon.

Well, we have well & truly run out of space in this, our second DM Does The News post, so mentions for Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado & Guarbear Recordings will have to wait. But we must just round off by saying that a new(ish) record looks like replacing “Release Me” as our anthem for the year and was brought to our attention when researching Brazilian club, The Week, but has since made it to the dancefloors of Fire & Area. “Happiness” had particular poignancy when Steve Pitron played it at Beyond “Tokyo” and with Mikey D featuring it on his compilation “Lose Control” & Phil Marriot lauding it on Gaydar Radio, the track is surely destined for massive exposure. With a number of remix versions already out, we guess our favourite is Dave Aude’s version at http://youtube.com/watch?v=JyfoKPzLJc0, although the one on Mikey’s mix is pretty good too, so we are keeping our eyes & ears peeled for more.

O.K., enough is enough, time is well & truly up, leaving us to simply say “sit back, turn up the volume, select those sounds & let them play, as music is the answer”. (DISCO MATT)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

"Blighty Based Boys" - DM Does The News - Music Newsletter - Sunday 17th October


With life over the last few weeks being topsy turvy to say the least, while we have been holding our own with both reviews & preview (weekend) posts, our much beloved Music Is The Answer reports have taken a back step. But with there being a relentless amount of new music out there, we thought we would get back into gear with not one, but two D.M. Does The News posts, this one concentrating on U.K. based talents and their latest compilations, tracks or simply just news on forthcoming gigs. So, sit back as we rifle through a veritable feast of D.J.’s & their work, giving the all important links to spectacular new sounds, as well as linking into other reports of ours.

Right, so we kick off very much with a Beyond theme, especially given just how good last weekend’s Japanese inspired bash was, “Tokyo” probably our best this year yet in so many ways, although the music did much of the talking, not least from the main floor boys of Steve Pitron, Mikey D & Alan K. So before we dive into them, here’s the link to our review which you can catch at http://discomatt.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-post.

Turning to the D.J’s and first Steve Pitron, his set was full of amazing Beyond anthems as well as tunes from his “Summer 2010” which we still cannot put down, so simply can’t resist mentioning it again as it will certainly be vying for top spot in our year end compilation round up. So, go check it out at http://stevepitronsessions.podomatic.com/ & for those of you that were at Beyond “Tokyo”, relive some of those magic moments. While we are waiting for a follow up from Steve, he remains busy in the studio with production partner Max Sanna, their latest a pure gem of a remix of Robyn’s single “Indestructible”, which also made his set on Sunday & is well worth grabbing at http://soundcloud.com/maxsanna/sets/robyn-indestructible-max-sanna-steve-pitron-remix. Plus, with Steve’s birthday round the corner, what better way to wish him many happy returns with the first mention here.

Right onto Mikey D, who has also recently released a smashing compilation, “Lose Control” right up there in our rankings & filling our ears virtually every day. Seeing & hearing him performance at Beyond “Tokyo” was like sitting right in this magnificent mix, which has 14 truly amazing tracks on it, virtually all making his set on Sunday, fan-flaming-tastic. So, you just have to grab this compilation which (yes we know) we have mentioned a few times already. So, go to http://mikeyd.podomatic.com/, immerse yourself into “Lose Control” & come out well & truly elevated. Plus, while you’re at it, go check out the official video for opening track “Seek Bromance” at http://youtube.com/watch?v=eWUC5Q0RCAA.

Onto Alan K and never have we seen a D.J. with so much effervescent energy behind the decks, he especially coming into his own at Beyond. Having flown the flag for the club in Greece, Holland & France over the summer, we were so pleased to see him last Sunday and savour the majority of his set (we tried to leave twice but couldn’t tear ourselves away), so are as pleased as punch that he has laid down a compilation marking his prolific performance at “Tokyo” on Sunday morning. This amazing mix truly transfixed us from start to finish, as did his set, so we cannot recommend it enough, which you can play & download at http://djalank.podomatic.com/.

Now, before we leave the Beyond subject, Hifi Sean gets his own look in, his pulsating performance in the Terrace room truly magical, especially given he had literally landed straight into “Tokyo” from Athens. We referred to his showing as “Sushi Sounds Sean Style”, although he preferred the phrase “teriyaki tech”, the word tech very much the vogue come R.A.W.’s 4th birthday at Orange in a few short hours, Sean having laid down a special mix to mark the occasion, he being very much in the thick of the action. Plus, hot off the press is his latest monthly “hifi-cast” as well as the second in his “Chill” series, all three marvellous mixes available at http://hifiseandj.podomatic.com/.

Onward and linking into Nick Tcherniak, who has been a very busy boy indeed, having had a spell out in Spain, in the recording studio with production partner Steve Thomas, the duo still riding high on the back of both “My People” & “Deep Water”, the latter’s remix package still at number one in a host of download charts, Hifi Sean’s mix a particular favourite of ours. Add to that his new EP, “The Answer” featuring vocal from Lizzie France, which has started promo just this week and there is no question Nick is riding high at the moment, he even having had time to lay down two podcasts following his appearances at Matinee & SuperMartXe, both including “The Answer” & the Matinee mix also featuring “Deep Water” & Alan X’s stunning remix of “My People. So these are essentials for your collection which you can get now at http://nicktcherniak.podomatic.com/.

Talking of SuperMartXe, Tony English is certainly getting in on the act recently, having starred at the last two parties, as well as playing at Logan Schmitz’s home-grown brand, Hype, back on August Bank Holiday. That apart & he plays for both Lovechild & Puscha in London, as well as connecting with a host of European D.J.’s through his weekly Saturday radio show on Push.FM, which he compresses into monthly podcasts in a series of “Social” releases, that latest featuring WE & Cafe Ole resident Danny Leblack. Tony always manages to dig deep & find a whole host of hits making it big on the continent, so these podcasts are certainly worth a listen, which you can do so at http://tonyenglish.podomatic.com/, the man also about to release his SuperMartXe “Porno Star” mix, due out tomorrow.

Now, while we are in Logan mode, lets fire through some mixes you should go grab, the Logan presents podcast page worth a look at http://loganpresentspodcast.podomatic.com/, the latest edition put together by Tony English, while Matinee’s Michel Mizrahi has also been busy in the studio, his latest “Autumn Beats” mix a fabulous 114 minutes of mixes well worth tapping into at http://soundcloud.com/michel-mizrahi. And before we leave the subject our own Italian stallion, Pagano, will be featuring large at the forthcoming Logan Presents Matinee outing at MOS, but you can catch a slice of his last prolific performance at http://facebook.com/video.php?v=486674111270, while his studio work continues unabated, his latest “Rave Monkey” remix of the track “I Try” by Made By Monkeys, available to listen via http://youtube.com/watch?v=nz_BTVc7_wg, apple tart anyone?! (hilarious!!), plus we will keep you posted on that much anticipated “Digital Generation” compilation release.

Right, switching alliances a little, we head in the direction of Lovechild & a band of residents that have been busy recording, the terrific Terry Vietheer having popped up here there & everywhere recently, his Lovechild mix now fourth in-line with more later releases that include compilations for B2B & Barcode, while he has a new track out too, “East Village” having been released just two days ago & is a corker. Catch all these compilations & this new track at http://soundcloud.com/terryvietheer, while another Lovechild youngster, Jc Christopher, has added Friday night club Onyx to his D.J. roster, as well as laying down a vocal edition in his “House Mix Tapes” series, which has 14 brilliant tracks on it & is a worthy addition to your collection which you can grab at http://jcchristopher.podomatic.com/. But Lovechild also have their own podcast site, various D.J.’s taking turns to add their own stamp to the growing series, the latest coming from Gabriele Cutrano who performed perfectly at “Lovechild Meets Delice” at the end of September, this mix very much evoking his superb set, which is well worth checking out at http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/.

But the Lovechild story continues, as resident Alessandro Londra has very much been flying the flag for the brand overseas recently, a tour of Australia a couple of weeks ago, immediately followed by Amsterdam last Saturday and our hard working bello is literally on his way back from Istanbul, where he was representing & promoting Alex Erfan’s outfit at The Otherside club. Yet, having clocked up well over 20,000 air miles in three weeks, he has still managed to lay down a compilation, which was handed out on CD at the party last night, but is also available at http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/.

Now, another Lovechild resident has been feverishly busy in the studio of late, not to mention lauding it around London at a vast array of clubs, from TTD to Hotwired, Hard-On to Sweat, Lo-Profile to Barcode, even making a stunning show at The Week back in September when we were glued to the Latin Lounge for close on three hours. Add to that his web work for SeenQueen & the launch of new social networking site MyGayFace (MGF) and Brent Nicholls just doesn’t know how or when to stop. And he doesn’t stand still in music terms either, three mixes having been released in just over a month, dedications to Hard On’s! 7th birthday & new club T.T.D. two great mixes, although for us, can’t quite match the magic of his “Get On MyGayFace” compilation, which is knocking on the door for top spot in our 2010 chart. Now, we will be going in-depth on MGF in a forthcoming Disco Matt-ers report, but in the meantime, go sample Brent’s latest works at http://djbrentnicholls.com/web/music and watch this space for a new 3 hour mix of re-hashed, re-mixed & re-made classic pop tunes along with some latest hits rolled in for good measure, which we have been privy to for just over a week now (it's amazing).

Right, we are nearly there, but before we finish up, coming back full circle (ish), quick mentions go to Norbert M who made his A:M debut yesterday morning, having triumphed in a recent D.J. competition at Heaven’s club night Popcorn, his latest podcast very much a reflection of his performance which you can grab at http://norbertmik.podomatic.com/, while Popcorn resident Jamie Hammond has just issued his own latest mix “Live Set 08/10” which we think is his best yet, so well worth a listen at http://d-jamie.podomatic.com/. Now, sadly, we missed out on The Wig Party last Sunday, but heard it was amazing, Rob Sykes certainly making an impact at both the main event at Cafe de Paris & the afterparty in Area, although it was the after afterparty where he laid down his latest mix in front of friends & family, so is rather special & worth checking out at http://djrobsykes.podomatic.com/.

So what was this full circle we were referring to? Well, we started with Beyond & we finish with a Beyond resident, but someone who will be an intrinsic ingredient at R.A.W.’s 4th birthday later tonight, being the lynch pin in the duo that started it all in 2006. Now, he may have proclaimed that Tony De Vit is his greatest D.J. of all time, but Gonzalo Rivas has to be right up there for so many people too. To say his career is littered with plaudits is an understatement and he has featured in some of the biggest parties & club brands around. With yet another birthday (the big one) just around the corner, Gonzalo is definitely in the mood to celebrate, so has, along with Hifi Sean, laid down a new compilation especially for R.A.W’s anniversary which is truly awesome, although we know the Trade one (currently in the making) will be just as good, if not better. Plus, his A;M blast from the past mix is classic Gonzalo too, so while he may be last in our post he is far from least in our estimation, meaning that both mixes are in our collection and should be in yours too, so don’t delay, get downloading at http://gonzalorivas.podomatic.com/.

Well, we are out of time & space, but just want to give quick shouts to Per Q.X. who has some fab new tracks out, to Elliot J Brown how has been mixing in the studio, to new talent Zach Burns that amazed at A:M last week, to Nathan 6 who has put out some new music and finally to Glasgow based Michael Dow, all who will be part of forthcoming posts in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for our “Energetic Euro’s” news post which will be out shortly, but we hope you find favour with the choices here, leaving us to simply say “sit back, turn up the volume, select those sounds & let them play, as music is the answer”. (DISCO MATT)


We started this post with a flavour of Beyond and we simply had to share yet another amazing experience, courtesy of two incredible individuals that went that extra mile with us this morning in Area.

Not only have we known him for close on 14 years now, but the musical journey Steve Pitron has taken us on is immense, a whole variety of clubs & events touching our lives where Steve has been involved. But, we were simply blown away by his comradeship this morning in Beyond, so much so we once again witnessed 2 hours of Pitron perfection in a set that included every anthem you could wish for. The man is genius and words cannot describe just how much, our best way to show appreciation of his art is to dance “...in our spot...” knowing that the man knows we are there and, in the words of one anthem, “...let the music pump right through me I can feel it in my bones...” & “...come on now show me pretty ladies how you really like to dance...” as in Steve’s hands do we dance or what.

Then, as if our morning wasn’t special enough, were in for a treat or what when Alan K invited us behind the D.J. booth where we witnessed this multi mixing maestro in full flow. His euphoric interpretations of records like “Release Me” (lyrics extracts above) & “Underground” are amazing from the dancefloor, but when you witness him waving his magical wand over them first hand, it is a glorious sight to behold. The energy he develops & what comes back from the crowd is truly remarkable and grovel in gratification of his, another genius in our eyes.

What more is there to say, apart from Beyond should always include an S, a P, an A & a K. You guys are awesome and we are so lucky to know you.