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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Music Is The Answer - "Little Lights Of Love" - Lovechild Special Post


Well, with it having been our time of the month last weekend, not that we succumb to those sort of tendencies you understand (despite someone claiming that we were going through PMT!), we succumbed to the return of Alex Erfan’s Lovechild and in doing so we thought we would give an extra special nod to the D.J.’s that graced the decks of this erotic & seductive monthly event both last Saturday & at previous parties.

However, with a plethora of talents to choose from, the choice of who was to get our full devotion was a difficult one, although with some already having benefitted from our focus treatment in the recent past, we thought it only fair to pick two who have yet to be subjected to our detailed scrutiny.

So who did we choose? Well first pick of the bunch is a young man that has been present for every single party since moving to new home Fire, but actually missed out on this “summer” affair as he was frolicking around down under, although we have forgiven him, as he was still very much in the “love” mood & mode, playing alongside recent Lovechild guest, Sydney’s Johan Khoury at the cities version of gAylist party Love Muscle. Phil Hewson has been playing at parties for Alex Erfan for a couple of years now and we were well & truly delighted with his uplifting, funky & chunky performance when he first caught our full-on eye at Hustlaball just over a year ago, when he truly delighted us in the VIP room, very much stalling our return to the clutches of Matinee that night. As a result, we were pleased as punch when he turned up in the residency team for Lovechild and has hit our musical sweet spot on each occasion we have been Lovechilding down on South Lambeth Road, whether it be in the lounge, the main floor or the contact room, Phil’s broad musical direction which encompasses electro, funky, latin tainted, tech toned tunes, pumped up progressive beats with uplifting undertones, meaning he is able to play to his audience in whichever space he finds himself.

Phil was raised, schooled & graduated from university in the north east of England, but was drawn to the bright lights of the capital, using his qualifications in computer skills to land him a full time position within the multinational management systems organisation Billback, this providing Mr Hewson with a secure base to expand his vocation in D.J.’ing and further develop his love & interest in music which he has held from a tender age. And such is his devotion & love for his dips behind the decks, that the services of this amiable & cute individual have seen him play at Profile, Lo-Profile, Rupert Street & Barcode, on top of his club appearances for Lovechild Hustlaball & Recon, not to mention that tour down under which has seen him jet between gigs in Sydney & Melbourne. So what with his full time job as well as the ballooning D.J. commitments on his plate, you would think Phil would have little time to dive into the studio, but dive he does, producing full compilation releases from time to time, each indicative of his delivery direction, that he calls “house music London style”, his latest mix entitled “Afterhours Down Under” very much exporting to Oz bucket loads of that London style. However, it is his specially devoted mix to Lovechild that gets our big shout here, his “A Spring Affair” 14 track compilation kicking off as it means to go on with the brilliant “Come Get My Lovin”, but also includes gems “Addicted”, “From The Stars” and a brilliant re-work of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”, as well as some prolific progressive beats that make for 73 minutes of magical music. So, to grab your slice of Phil in Lovechild mode, go to http://funkylondon.podomatic.com/ and you can catch Phil playing at Lo-Profile this coming Friday (25th June).

Our other special devotion goes to Terry Vietheer, who has made quite an impact on the London scene since moving from his native Australia just two years ago, although he had already built up a formidable career behind the decks in his home city of Sydney, playing out to thousands at the massive Ministry of Sound & Hed Kandi tours which led him to land a residency at the biggest club name down under “Home”, Mr Vietheer stamping his uplifting musical style on the Terrace for the clubs legendary circuit party, supporting names such as Peter Rauhofer & Offer Nissam. All this from a man that starting his fledging D.J. career just a year before that, playing at small time bars in Sydney, having been gripped by music from an early age and very much into clubbing as soon as his age would allow, although he knew that he would be destined to be spinning the sounds rather than swinging to them, his decision to fly the comforts of home, moving to London, a brave yet fruitful one, Terry quickly establishing himself with tip top clubbing brand Pacha, playing for their “Funky4love” parties.

But his big break on the gay scene was to come when he secured a residency at Heaven for hip hop Monday night happening “Popcorn”, which very much threw his name into the limelight, his London base also allowing Terry to expand into Europe, appearances at clubs across Italy including Skylight, “Magazzini & Generali, complimented by gigs in Russia, Switzerland & Spain, the Vietheer vroom vroom even hitting The States with an appearance at MrBlack. But back in the U.K., his name has slowly spread and concurrently Terry not only plays regularly at Heaven, but his busy schedule includes Barcode, Shadow Lounge, Rupert Street & The Dalston Superstore, where he is resident for the new(ish) monthly outing “Mixtape” masterminded by club promoter Laurent Chaumet. Mixing in the East End circles, also brought Mr Vietheer into contact with favourite Swede spinster Per QX, both collaborating in the studio on a track entitled “Old Scholl, Nu School”, which made it big at the 2009 Winter Music Conference in Miami, also getting the remix treatment in the hands of Tom Stephan & Roger Sanchez no less. And that studio work continues with his own compilation works, his latest release “Funky4love” a distinct nod to his current musical direction of funky progressive & tech beats, but like Phil, produced a specially devoted mix to Lovechild, which is of similar style to his latest, but has much more uplifting electro tendencies throughout, being a credible addition to the Lovechild collection of compilations, which you can grab at http://soundcloud.com/terryvietheer along with his other masterful mixes.

Right, so what other specially devoted Lovechild compilations are out there? Well, guest star of the recent “Wet” party, Alan K, has produced a special mix which is drenched with his multi mixing from start to finish & is a worthy addition you your collection which you can grab at http://djlank.podomatic.com/, a true reflection of his awesome performance when he filled the main room to virtual capacity.

Lovechild regular Mattias has also devoted his only compilations to Lovechild, his “Easter 2010 Mix” the fourth in his series of live recordings, which stretch back to February 2009, when he played for the premiere party in Moscow, each devotion available through http://djmattias.podomatic.com/. All these live set recordings are played & saved direct from his computer which is a trademark of Mattias’ performances behind the decks (well he doesn’t need the decks themselves!), a trend which has seen many D.J.’s follow his lead.

Another Lovechild music lover is resident Gabrielle Cutrano, who has laid down two mixes especially for the lovable club brand, his NYD live set recording in the Lovechild room at “As One”, plus his Nov 09 set both still available at http://soundcloud.com/gabrielecutrano, both indicative of his tech verging on techno style of sound, while massive mega international D.J. star & Lovechild resident Paul Heron has also got in on the live set recording game with his own extract from the March 2010 party, which you can grab at http://soundcloud.com/djpaulheron.

So with 10 mixes with Lovechild all over them, that’s about it for our special focus on the music of this lovable club and having just posted our review of the last party titled “Love Shine A Light”, if you missed out on the event, why not take a look in our review section. Moreover, if you have overlooked Alex’s Lovechild parties, don’t miss out on the mesmeric music from the incredible depth of D.J. talent, via these specially dedicated compilations. So, get downloading and/or listening and as we love to say “sit back, turn up the volume & let the music play”. (DISCO MATT)

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