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Monday, 29 November 2010

"Wonderful Ensemble" - Music Is The Answer - WE Party Special Post


There is no doubt that WE parties have been the talk of Europe this summer, the brand, which was established by artistic creator & club promoter, Victor Pallas, just a year ago, has very much captured the imagination of Spaniards, Italians & Greeks, with scores of successful parties across Spain (including Madrid, Barcelona & Ibiza), in Rome at Muccassassina and in Mykonos at the famed Xlsior festival. But the WE word, not least through its music, is gaining worldwide reputation, especially given some of the talents the team are drawing in to play at parties both home & abroad, home of course being Madrid where it all started. However, with WE landing in London, we thought we would give you a flavour of what to expect from the music, as well as touching on the works either specially commissioned for the event or latest releases from D.J.’s that have graced the WE decks.

And probably the best way to kick off is by laying to rest, the rumour that, due to the line up at The Coronet in London this coming Saturday (4th Dec), the music will feel like an extract from Beyond, which, in lots of ways simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, we can kind of understand why certain elements would jump to this conclusion, especially when three Beyond residents will be playing out in main room, with a fourth in the VIP lounge. However, with two of those three main room stars having played for SuperMartXe and the third having Spain running through his veins, you can certainly expect a much more euro-style slant to each of their sets, although very much in the WE style of sound. So, what is that sound? well, plenty of latin flavoured beats, vocal infused tunes, but moreover a captivating combination of styles that reflect the diversity of talent that the team have attracted, maestro’s like Peter Rauhoffer, Pagano, Danny Verde, & Marco Da Silva, to add to the strong core team of residents that include Carlos Gallardo & Danny Le Black, these names alone, exuding the quality & depth of style that WE is becoming famous for..

So, that said, what can you expect from the line up at The Coronet on Saturday? Well, first & foremost, WE Party will be flying over their star resident D.J. Carlos Gallardo, who has been with the team since the beginning last October, having previously played for SuperMartXe, although, to be honest, his career is littered with appearances for most the top Spanish clubbing brands, including Amnesia, Space, & Cafe Ole. Born in Barcelona, where he established his reputation, Mr Gallardo’s discography is nearly as impressive as his career behind the decks, often combining forces with some of the country’s best vocalists, just this year having been credited with three massive hits, first the remix of “Don’t Let This Moment End” together with Rebeka Brown, and then tipping the charts with “Fantasy Girl” featuring Rob Harris (of The Free Radicals fame). However, he arrives in London on the back of the spectacular success of WE’s very own anthem, entitled (surprise surprise) We (Eloise), which is sure to feature large across the evening & in his set on the main floor, the vocals of Bobby Alexander making this track unmistakable. Now, if you haven’t heard it yet (where have you been?!), go check it out now at http://youtube.com/watch?v=GOnM2-Y0qMU with a remix version by Victor Magan out at http://youtube.com/watch?v=RjDiLGfQ5uE, (although for us, you can’t beat the original) and be prepared to be captivated by Carlos at The Coronet.

However, balancing out the Spanish big hitting influence will be our very own Steve Pitron, who has been charming the crowds across the capitals clubbing scene for well over 10 years now, this list of events & club nights he has played in, very much reading like a who’s who, notable highlights being PSP, Crash, Juicy, Orange, SuperMartXe, and, not forgetting Beyond, Mr Pitron, like virtually no D.J. we know, having this amazing attraction & ability to lift any party. And whilst recent times have seen him very much being the darling of the main room at Area on a Sunday morning, delighting the packed out space with one amazing anthem after the next, the depth of Steve’s talents & his superb skill for pitching the music just right for the occasion, is no better displayed than through his latest compilation, that he has laid down especially for this Saturday’s WE Party. Now, we will be giving the mix our full focus in our upcoming music newsletter, although it rightfully deserves attention here too, Mr Pitron explaining of his creation, “...the session starts & ends with “WE (Eloise)” as well as some turbo-charged bass heavy Spanish productions mixed up with some tougher beats from my current sets, giving you a taste of what to expect...” all very much dispelling the myth that his performance on Saturday will be just like another Beyond two hours. In fact, of all the compilations of his we have in our collection, this is the cleverest, the best thought out & most entertainingly diverse so far and has to be heard to be believed. So, go grab it now at http://stevepitronsessions.podomatic.com/ and be prepared to be dazzled, not just by the 28 track mix, but by the man’s performance on the night.

Joining Carlos & Steve will be London based international star Gonzalo Rivas, (check out his amazing mix “Retrospek” at http://gonzalorivas.podomatic.com/) who will be adding his own incredible touch to the main room proceedings, while, flying in from Spain will be latest recruit to the WE core team of D.J.’s, Manuel De Diego, this amazing combination really setting the quality of music aside from any Spanish club import we have seen in London so far. Plus, the dynamic trio in the main space will be added to by the terrific talent that is Berlin based D’Johnny, he having very much carved a fantastic following here in the capital and, like Steve, is no stranger to The Coronet, having played for SuperMartXe there in the past, while the VIP room will have a vibe akin the iconic “lite lounge” at Trade, original residents Fat Tony & Guy Williams treating the select sophisticates to scores of spectacular sounds. So, there is no doubt in our minds that the music offering at WE this Saturday is going to be nothing short of scintillating, adding to all the other elements (check out our special preview at http://discomattpreview.blogspot.com/2010/11/welcoming-espania-we-party-special) that should prove this to be one of the best parties & musical exhibitions the capital has seen in a long time. (DISCO MATT)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

"Anniversary Accolade" - Music Is The Answer - Special Lovechild Post


In advance of our latest DM Does The Music News post, entitled “Big Guns & Baby Boomers”, due out later this week, we thought we would whet your music appeties with a special music devotion to all things Lovechild, the club brand that marked one year at its current home Fire, back on Saturday 13th of this month

In capturing a few clips of recent focus posts & previews, where we looked at the works of D.J.’s and then by honing in on specific Lovechild inspired compilations, this is a special “Music Is The Answer” post, that also marks the end to our sabbatical in advance of a full resumption of services on 6th December. So, we hope you like our indulgence to all things Lovechild and prepare to get busy downloading & listening to some magnificent music.

So let’s crack on with our look back which begins in June, it marking our first real focus on D.J.’s in depth within our Lovechild recommendations posts and whilst the event itself was pretty low key, the music was far from, this being the many reasons why.

“.....Looking at these D.J.’s on offer, the range of house music genres on offer is simply dynamic and the combination will definitely deliver to suit all tastes. Brent Nicholls is in a really pioneering sector of sound at the moment, playing out fresh track, one after the next in the style that he coins “Nu-funk”, the type of music that gets the feet moving, the hips swaying & the bodies gyrating to the funky & disco/electro drenched beats, endless examples available through his LGDF dedicated compilations as well as those pressed for both Hustlaball & Pervert, which you can check out at http://djbrentnicholls.com/music.

Both Terry’s are accomplished deliverers of uplifting yet funky filled house with tech tinges, the antipodean Mr Vietheer making an impact at Heaven’s Popcorn as well as appearing at hip hangouts Barcode, Rupert St, and has literally just released his latest compilation entitled “funky for love” (very appropriate) which is out now at http://soundcloud.com/terryvietheer/funky4love-june-2010-promo, while Mr Bryan continues to make musical waves at clubs that include A.M., Booster, Beyond & Later as well as featuring in Bank Holiday Orange specials, just last week treating us to some storming sets at Beyond & Orange in Area’s fabulous Terrace Bar space, but really tickling our disco & funky fancies in the Vinyl room at A.M., showing the depth in his musical talent, his latest compilation out at http://terrybryan.podomatic.com/ giving a real flavour of his style.

Then there is the magnificent Mattias, who never fails to impress with his octane fuelled tech & progressive house, making him a favourite attraction wherever he goes, holding down a exhaustive international roster, but popping up in the capital every now & then, Barcode & A.M. included in recent appearances, his irresistible musical flair reflected beautifully in his latest “tech house in your face” mix out at http://djmattias.podomatic.com/, while Rupert St favourite Alessandro Londra will be back to Lovechild too, stirring the emotions with his fiery Sicilian passion which shows through in the explosive & exciting music he plays, that has seen him star at Matinee’s both old & new, hangouts including Lo-Profile & Barcode, sexy lads outfits Rudeboiz & Fitladz, not to mention massive clubs As One & Beyond and his latest release “Get Wet”, out at http://soundcloud.com/djalessandrolondra/get-wet will certainly whet your appetite for his music.....”

In July, when London enjoyed the first of two Lovechild parties, the first being “Making Hay” which featured a South African talent that had made waves at the London Global Dance Festival just a few weeks before & we featured him in our focus post, also then mopping up on other’s D.J.’s works in a review postscript.

“.....Making a welcome return to the U.K. is South African Leroy Tayler, who starred at the recent LGDF series of events, landing plenty of new fans at Later’s party that Sunday, so should prove a popular draw again, his distinctly African inspired funky & electro sounds having secured a residency at Cape Town’s premier Crew Club, not to mention being part of Salvation’s touring team. And in celebration of his appearance, Leroy has laid down a specially dedicated compilation which is available at http://events.leroytayler.podomatic.com/, the 117 minute mix very reflective of his afro percussive/electro style & sound and is an absolute gem.....”

“......As our review has highlighted, the music at this “Makin Hay” event pretty much stole the show, and the good news is that if you witnessed The Oli’s superb set, you can re-kindle some of that magic via his latest compilation “Long Summer” which is available at http://theoli.podomatic.com/. Plus Phil Hewson has laid down a special mix for this “Making Hay” event, which you can download from http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/......”

August saw Lovechild going very summery on us with a beach party in association with Brighton’s Wild Fruit & the strong D.J. resident team certainly delivered on the promise within our “Hot Dates” post.

“.....But raunch aside, the music will be doing it own kind of talking across all three spaces and Lovechild will be bringing back some of its favourite residents who have been missing from recent parties. Alessandro Londra makes a welcome return, having completed a successful tour of Rome since his last Lovechild appearance and he continues to pack a punch at Lo-Profile, Barcode Vauxhall, Rudeboiz (he will know plenty about the contact room!) and, of course, his longstanding residency for Rupert Street. Over & above all of that, Alessandro can count recent gigs for both Beyond & Matinee as highlights, he performing brilliantly at the latter’s “Open Air Summer Party”, which was the Sunday success of the year so far. Young talent and recent Lovechild resident inclusion, Jc Christopher, also makes his return and this will be his third gig for Alex Erfan’s Saturday night outfit, Jc having really got the party going with a brilliant opening set at his last showing in June and will surely be doing the same again.

Then we come to the trio of Aussie’s that we hinted on earlier and first is Terry Vietheer, who like Jc is a recent addition to the Lovechild team, yet deservedly so as the man has been making waves over at Heaven’s Monday nighter, Popcorn, while he also resides for the monthly Shadow Lounge Thursday party, Hola, not to mention popping up at Barcode Vauxhall every now & then, Terry treating us to a terrific tank load of tunes at their 4th birthday bash. But one return we are really looking forward to is Brent Nicholls, who has be a noticeable absentee from the last two Lovechild’s thus making his return all the more enticing. And what can we say about this hugely popular & capable master of his game that we haven’t said before except of his unique genre of house, which he calls “nu-funk” & which is definitely doing it for us at the moment, should feature large in his se, so with the prospect of his performance soaked with these sensational sounds, we cannot wait.....”

September saw us miss out on Alex Erfan’s lovable brand, as we were on a tour of duty in Paris, although Lovechild had their own slice of France, a the Delice boys landed on London and we focussed on the event & an Italian & Englishman that made it the team of resident D.J.’s that time.

“...But, the music is likely to be just as attractive for this special party, not least as the guest slot is filled by the handsome & talented Fabio White, who last entertained us here in gAylist world in the capital at the massive London Global Dance Festival and we know just how excited he is to play at this latest Lovechild event and in Fire’s new look main room to boot. His combination of uplifting, funky & fulsome house will very much find favour with the Lovechild & Fire crowd, Mr White being backed up by a host of resident D.J.’s from promoter Alex Erfan’s extensive stable, the likes of Tony English & Leroy Tayler, both who are familiar with these hot & horny parties and who have just laid down new podcasts that give you more than a hint of the kind of music to expect from their sets. Tony’s latest is crammed with some of the most recent euro style beats to be hitting both the dancefloors & the airwaves, it also adding a touch of Spanish sound as Cafe Ole & Space Ibiza resident Pablo Kopanos features within the 70 minute mix which is well worth a listen by going to http://tonyenglish.podomatic.com/...”

Then in October it was the turn of “Hot Muscle” to take centre stage, a musclbound event, with music to match, the team welcoming a special guest from the states, this giving us a chance to conduct a mini bio on this pint sized powerhouse.

“...Alex is proud to welcome Justin Ryan to London, an internationally renowned D.J. that made his debut behind the decks in New York, but soon spread his wings across America, playing an intrinsic part in Miami’s “Winter Party” & the city’s “Out In The Parks” summer tour, also playing out to packed audiences in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta & Fire Island, as well as up in Montreal, Canada. However, spreading wings comes naturally to Justin and he has formed serious foundation in Australia, establishing a residency with one of the top events teams there, which has seen him play at the huge Sydney Mardi Gras, as well as for club brands Love Muscle, MarXe, Big Q Rising, and latterly, Live, the club that co-hosted the Lovechild party we mentioned earlier, Justin playing alongside Sydney based Johan Khoury (also a Lovechild guest D.J.) and London resident Alessandra Londra.

Mr Ryan’s characteristic uplifting vocals & melodic house hits, intermixed with progressive, latin & euro style beats are sure to go down a treat on the Lovechild London main floor and his energy & enthusiasm for his art will definitely come through, he remarking that “...I always try to deliver the highest energy through my performances, I like to feel part of the crowd and lead them through the party...” And, in celebration of his recent Sydney appearance & that for London this Saturday, Alex has laid down a special compilation, simply entitled “Lovechild” which is well worth a listen at http://justinryan.podomatic.com/ & judging by some of the tracks on here, gosh are we in for a treat at Fire (also check out his photo...he & Johan Khoury have to be related, what do you think?!)...”

And that bring us pretty much up to date, we going the extra mile with a full on postscript inclusion to our Lovechild 1st Anniversary review, which kind of speaks for itself & rounds up this special look at Lovechild, save for a final conclusion to come

“......There is little doubt that Lovechild has & continues to sport one of the strongest resident line-up’s on the capitals clubbing scene, not to mention a host of guest D.J.’s that make the music it plays not just diverse & interesting, but some of the best you will find anywhere. International talents that have graced the clubs decks in the year it has partied hard at Fire have included Albert Neve, Leomeo Carandang, Justin Ryan, Johan Khoury and, of course, Javier Medina, while London based guests extend to Terry Bryan, The Oli, Alan K & Nick Tcherniak. Yet, as this list wasn’t sparkling enough, you then include the list of residents & it truly becomes awesome, Italian’s Pagano, Gabriele Cutrano & Alessandro Londra, Australian’s, Brent Nicholls & Terry Vietheer, Englishmen, Phil Hewson, Tony English, Lee Harris & Jc Christopher, Scot, Paul Heron and Swede, Mattias, even South African Leroy Tayler, a roll call indeed.

But it gets better, as not only is there a special site dedicated to the music of Lovechild, mixes available from the likes of Nick T, Paul H, Mattias, Alessandro, Gabriele & many more, all 13 episodes which can be downloaded from http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/. But, yet more are available via the D.J.’s direct web pages, all worth a look, http://events.leroytayler.podomatic.com/, http://justinryan.podomatic.com/, http://soundcloud.com/djalessandrolondra, http://funkylondon.podomatic.com/ (Phi Hewson’s site) & http://soundcloud.com/gabrielecutrano.

However, marking this 1st Anniversary party as only he can do best, is Brent Nicholls, with his compilation entitled “LoveChildOne – Feels Like Fire Mix”, which he describes as “...a collection of funky flavoured nufunk, tech dipped & disco inspired tunes...” and he is not wrong there, our fave tracks being “C’mon Get Funky”, “Let’s All Chant”, “Sweep The Floor” & “Disco Disco Disco” (there’s a surprise), but with 13 more terrific tunes besides, making for what we would describe as a retro meets modern gem of a compilation with the Nicholls magical twist to it. So, this is truly a gorgeous gift to Lovechild on their 1st Anniversary and can be one to you too, by going to http://djbrentnicholls.com/ and then either scrolling down the home page, or selecting his “music” section.

Finally, the “official” Lovechild Anniversary mix was pressed onto CD for the party & handed out across the evening, this 44 minute marvel mixed by resident D.J. Tony English, which is a glorious collection of both uplifting vocal tunes & euro-style beats, very much evocate of his superb set on the night and is a MUST for your collection. Now, for those of you that weren’t around & didn’t get a copy, the good news is that it will be released on http://lovechildclub.podomatic.com/ in the next week or so, although in the meantime, if you fancy a copy, then just drop your details to Disco Matt headquarters via disocmatt@hotmail.com & we will arrange to forward a copy to you. Plus, for Tony’s regular podcasts, go to http://tonyenglish.podomatic.com/.....”

Well, that is it, our look back over the last five/six months of mesmeric music from this loveable clubbing brand and apart from saying, happy anniversary Lovechild, we love you, we have to thank ALL the D.J.’s that have graced Lovechild’s decks over these months, as well as thanking Alex Erfan, Roni Inan, Danny Shubert, Thiagio Drewery and the rest of the Lovechild team, without whom, this post would not have been possible.

So, with countless amounts of compilation mixes to download (if you don’t have them already, our parting words on this special musical look at Lovechild simply are, “...sit back, select those sounds, turn up the volume & let them play, as Music Is The Answer...”. (DISCO MATT)