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Monday, 28 June 2010

Music Is The Answer" - "Fresh Faced & Funky"

Hey Folks,

All too often we take the easy route in life, stay within our comfort zone or stick to a pattern and it can definitely be said for our devotions to D.J.’s & their music, but what is also true is that nothing pleases us more than promoting new & rising stars, our protégé list having included Danny Verde in the past, Andre 1 more recently, and our latest entrant to the Disco Matt circle of devotion being Norbert M, So, whilst scene favourites & established stars are still firmly within our radar, we have once again opted to focus on two names, both new to our posts here and possibly new to you.

First up is talent whose name has been floating on the surface of the scene here in the capital for quite a few months and was, after a couple of brief mentions in sister posts of ours, has been elevated to full focus status and deservedly so, as he is most definitely a rising star and a name for the future. Chris Brogan first grabbed our attention when he was plucked from relative obscurity by club promoter Steve Elliot, the main man responsible for running the current successful string of international parties for globally renowned club brand Salvation, Mr Brogan playing a big part in the rapturous reception the club enjoyed in the carnival capital of the world, Rio de Janiero, played alongside our favourite “foxy lady” Mis-White at the brands auspicious showing in Athens in December and followed it up with a superb set for Salvation at their Swedish spectacular at Malmo’s “Wonk” club. Indeed his connections with Salvation have also seen Chris star on their behalf at Laurence Malice’s (of Trade fame) “Naked Zoo” event at the end of last year and we know that Steve has plans to continue to involve this talented young individual in future parties across the globe. Away from Salvation and Mr Brogan has been noted for visiting the more sexy side of clubbing, appearances at Tim Jones’s “Tonker” and for Recon’s massive “Full Fetish” party on New Year’s day career catalogues, as well as strutting his stuff on the lighter side of clubbing for Love Muscle’s fifteenth birthday earlier this year at The Fridge and popping up at promoter Laurent Chaumet’s Thursday nighter “Hola” at The Shadow Lounge in Soho, the variety of events he has played at, testament to his skills at balancing his electro, funky, yet uplifting sounds to suit the audience he plays to, Chris always very keen to exercise his passion for musical vision.

It was that vision that saw a young fresh faced U.K. based Mr Brogan kick off his career behind the decks in 2002, having been given a huge break to play at the renowned clubbing venue Fabric in London, this getting him spotted and opening doors right across Europe, countries lapping up the Brogan style of light & funky house including France, Belgium & Germany, but like many budding D.J.’s, Chris found it quite tough to break into the big time, with many of the circuit parties & club events relying on established talents and not many promoters having the vision to showcase new talent. However, as has generally proven to be the best route to breaking out on the scene, Chris dived into the recording studio and began to produced promo’s of his mixing work, eventually leading to full on compilations, his first release entitled “Bounce” achieving that all important breakthrough with Salvation, thus leading to a floodgate of collections, an increasingly confident Chris exploring new genre’s of sound, including trance, minimal & future disco, inspiration coming his way from one of the great pioneer’s of the nu-disco sound, Guy Williams. Other compilations in his collections reveal his anglo French origin, in fact his aptly titled “Obey the Frenchie” is a serious nod to his patriotic roots, showcasing some of the country’s best musical talents, although it is his latest work that gets our attention, “Foreplay” demonstrating that amazing ability in Chris to delve into the depths of his musical production to come up with 74 minutes of music that touches on virtually every element of his genre exploration, highlights for us being Marcel Woods’ “Music Is The Answer” (of course!!), David Guetta’s extended mix of Kelis’ “Acapella”, but what looks like, for us, being at worst in the top ten of our records of 2010, Mark Knight’s “Devil Walking” (brilliant!!). Chris explains of his latest work, “...here is yet another inspired mix and one which allows me to showcase my passion for production...” he going on to say of his inspiration “...I’ll leave you to guess who this one is for...”, his latest beau we think (ah bless), “Foreplay” getting better & better as you dive into its delights and, for us is Mr Brogan at his best. So, what are you waiting for? Go add this amazing mix to your collection, which you can grab now at http://djchrisbrogan.podomatic.com/.

Our second devotion goes to a man who resides in our favourite European city, one that will play host to the massive Circuit Festival in August and is a hotbed of D.J. activity with many internationally renowned names choosing it as their ideal base to springboard themselves across Europe, over to Ibiza, & across the globe. The city? Barcelona of course, but the D.J.? well in this case it is the latest addition to our very select list of talents we are touting as future bright stars, but one that has already carved a career in his home city as well as across Spain, France & Germany, but is yet to break into London, although we expect that to change very soon. Javier Medina, like all the other protégé’s in our small camp of collectables, hit our radar while we were innocently sitting connected to our favourite social network site and the subsequent conversation uncovered this talented man’s passion for his D.J’ing & for the music game he finds himself bound within, immediately striking resonance with our own passions for D.J.’s & their work. So with further research in our inimitable style, we found that not only has Javier been mixing in very distinguished circles, but he has been making a name for himself, not just in Barcelona, where he has played at events that have included “Cafe Ole” outings & “Devotion” parties at the city’s Razzmatazz club, as well as the venues “WE” events, for which Mr Medina is a resident jock, not to mention playing his own “Raw Sessions” at the swish G-Star clothes retailer store in the city’s fashionable shopping centre “L’illa Diagonal”, but he hopes over the border into France, playing in Toulouse, Nantes & up in Paris where he has played for “Beardrop”, as well as tripping across to Cologne for their “Xtreme” events, he even making out to Australia for the Mardi Gras season this year, playing at Sydney’s “Extra Dirty” event back in March.

And of those distinguished circles, Javier has rubbed shoulders with the likes of D.J. Luque, Juanjo Martin, Oscar De La Gala & Wayne G, as well as the likes of Carl Cox, & Danny Teneglia, although his closest associations remain with dear D.J. friends Steven Redant & another of our protégé’s, “French fancy” Leomeo, indeed Javier just last weekend shared the stage with Mr Redant at Barcelona’s Pride event and he toured down under for Mardi Gras, in the glorious company of our man Leomeo, Mr Medina also connecting with his French friend whenever he trips across to Paris. So, given all of that & reading the tea leaves in Mr Javier’s cup, the future is definitely looking bright for this bearded beaut behind the decks, although he accomplishes himself in the studio too, laying down dedicated compilations marking his various D.J. gigs, whether it be his Australian escapades or closer to home his “WE” & “Devotion” mixes, very much a-typical of his tech, progressive & tribal slanted genre direction which seems to go down a storm whenever he plays. But he also gets his hands dirty, remixing tracks, pieces including his “Devotion” labelled re-works of D.J. Chus’s “That Feeling & Guy Scheiman’s “My Life”, a tribal triumph being his latest release, a remix of “Bring Back the Drums” by Kobbe vs Hugo Rizzo, all which you can savour (along with his recent compilations – we love them all) at http://soundcloud.com/javier-medina. Plus, with more classic Mr Javier available through http://javiermedina.podomatic.com/, we having well & truly fallen for the tech house trance of “My Sonar”, all this makes Javier Medina our Spanish answer to Nick Tcherniak, that’s how talented we think he is, especially within his music genre band.

Right, while we are in European mode, we want to give a big shout to a new track release by Eduardo de La Torre (yes you guessed it, another man on our list) who has been making a very welcome habit of jetting over to London recently, his last visit marking an incredible set at Beyond, where he took the Terrace room by storm, keeping the party going deep into Sunday afternoon. But returning home to Berlin signalled another success, as he landed a new residency at the city’s “Connection” club and this “Balearic Berlin” six minute splendour out at http://soundcloud.com/eduy2k/dj-edu-de-la-torre-no-scene-balearic-berlin-org-mix is a celebration of that & his progressive house intentions and we love it!

Now, just time to squeeze in our mention to the music links at favourite clubbing website Seen Queen, they having already uploaded 15 mixes for June at http://seenqueen.com/music, including four that we have featured within our own posts, but with direct links to many more, is definitely worth a visit & browse.

Well, that’s it for another week, but watch out for our special “Proud To be Pride” music post with lots of goodies & news, as well as focuses on Kris Di Angelis & Phil Marriot, while we return to post pride normality the following week with devotions to Gonzalo Rivas & Rob Sykes. In the meantime, we hope you crave our choices here and as we now say all too often, “...sit back, turn up the volume & let the music play...”


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